There is a wealth of information about green infrastructure in private sector development, but here are some resources we’d like to highlight to help you understand, design, and/or implement GI.

  1. NJ Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
  2. New Jersey FAQs for Green Infrastructure Rule
  3. Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program
  4. Brownfield and Contaiminated Site Remediation Act, N.J.S.A. 58:10B-1
  5. Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals Program
  6. Center for Neighborhood Technology (2010). The Value of Green Infrastructure: A Guide to Recognizing Its Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits. Chicago, Illinois.
  7. Clements, J. & Juliana, A. S. (2013). The Green Edge: How Commercial Property Investment in Green Infrastructure Creates Value. NRDC Issue brief. New York, New York.
  8. Econsult Solutions (2016). The Economic Impact of Green City, Clean Waters: The First Five Years. Prepared for the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA.
  9. Gallai et. al. (January 2009). Economic Valuation of the Vulnerability of World Agriculture Confronted with Pollinator Decline. Ecological Economics, 68(3), 810-821. Doi
  10. Ichihara, K., & Cohen, J. P. (2011). New York City property values: What is the Impact of Green Roofs on Rental Pricing?. Letters in spatial and resource sciences, 4(1), 21-30.
  11. National Green Infrastructure Certification Program
  12. New York Department of Environmental Conservation (January 2015). New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual
  13. Nicole, Wendee. (August 2015). Pollinator Power: Nutrition Security Benefits of an Ecosystem Service. Environmental Health Perspectives, 123(8). Doi.
  14. Philadelphia Water Department
  15. Rowe, Amy. (2012). Green Infrastructure Practices: An Introduction to Permeable Pavement. Prepared for Rutgers University.
  16. Stratus Consulting, Inc. (2009). A Triple Bottom Line Assessment of Traditional and Green Infrastructure Options for Controlling CSO Events in Philadelphia’s Watersheds: Final Report. Prepared for the Office of Watersheds, City of Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia, PA. Boulder, CO.
  17. Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. (June 2019). The Economic, Social, and Environmental Case for Green City, Clean Waters: An Updated. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  18. United States General Services Administration (2011). The Benefits and Challenges of Green Roofs on Public and Commercial Buildings
  19. United States Environmental Protection Agency (Oct. 2016). Green Infrastructure Cost-Benefit Resource
  20. United States Environmental Protection Agency. (January 2015). Green Infrastructure Opportunities that Arise During Municipal Operations.
  21. University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center. Maintenance Guidelines and Checklists for Pervious Pavements and Infiltration Beds
  22. Urban Land Institute (ULI) Case Studies
  23. Villanova University
  24. I tree
  25. New Jersey Future Green Infrastructure Municipal Toolkit
  26. Jersey Water Works
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