Developer Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure can offer distinct benefits over traditional “gray” infrastructure. It can help save costs, speed permitting, and differentiate your business in the marketplace. It can also improve the marketability of a project and help draw a sophisticated clientele, which can directly improve your bottom line.

Studies have found that green infrastructure can be associated with higher property values, lower crime rates, and even increased spending in commercial areas. It may also lead to lower operating expenses and higher rates of public acceptance and, if implemented extensively, could in some cases result in faster local permit approval for proposed development. These opportunities create a powerful argument for incorporating green practices holistically into the overall site design, rather than simply adding in stormwater management to an existing design to meet regulations.

“Green infrastructure is always introduced as a headache, not as an Advil. We need to change that.”
– Stephen Santola, General Counsel, Woodmont Properties

This section summarizes benefits of green infrastructure and shows developers how to incorporate these benefits. In addition to this general information, this section provides tools and frameworks for evaluating costs and benefits for a specific development project.


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