A Message From the Co-chairs

Since the first edition of the Developers Green Infrastructure Guide was published in 2017, much has changed. Green stormwater infrastructure is becoming more common and better understood in New Jersey, and traditional ways of managing stormwater are going the way of the dinosaur.

Why? Because green is the new gray.

Through a collaborative approach involving both the regulated community and environmental advocacy groups, the NJDEP has adopted new stormwater management rules that require the use of green infrastructure. This new approach is a paradigm shift in New Jersey stormwater management. Developers who have long been frustrated by having to design to a subjective “maximum extent practicable” standard that is open to interpretation by regulators, now have an objective standard that replaces pipes and storage basins with landscaping techniques that create multiple infiltration points, which mimic how nature deals with stormwater. The new rules present a rare opportunity to add value to your project while doing more for the environment.

The Guide shows you how to make the new rules work for you.

Understanding the details in the stormwater rules and in its companion “how to” document, the BMP Manual, is the purpose of this Developers Green Infrastructure Guide. But first, let’s describe a few broad, positive changes you should understand about how stormwater requirements are changing. Here is what is “out” and what is “in”:

What’s Out Gray and exclusively end-of-pipestorm water management
What’s In Decentralized green infrastructure, distributed around a site

Out Subjective, time-consuming project review standards
In Objective, clear mathematical standards

Out Assumption that stormwater systems will fail and require redundant systems
In Green infrastructure “counts,” including infiltration

Out Less efficient and effective stormwater management
In Additional project yield and value with superior stormwater treatment

This Guide will help ensure that you and your design team can fully capitalize on
these landmark changes.

As always, we want your feedback. Tell us what you like about the Developers Green Infrastructure Guide and what questions you still need answered. Share your experiences with us. We would love to learn from your trials and highlight your successes.

George Vallone
President, Hoboken Brownstone Company
2015 President
New Jersey Builders Association
Peter Kasabach
Executive Director
New Jersey Future
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