Credit: TecEco, 2018
Photograph Credit: TecEco, 2018

Clogged Pervious Pavement

Problem: While pervious pavement reduces the likelihood of potholes, black ice, and surface pooling, benefits are dependent upon maintenance of the system. The void space between pervious pavement aggregate, intentionally designed to let stormwater pass through, can become clogged with sediment and debris. This can severely impair the function of the system and lead to costly repair.

Solution: Maintenance procedures for pervious pavement can vary based upon composition, manufacturer, and geographic location of the project. In addition to inspecting outlet controls and cleanouts for clogging, the system should typically be cleaned biannually with a regenerative air vacuum. The optimal times for vacuuming are in the spring after the last snow events and in autumn after leaves fall. Maintaining these schedules will facilitate drainage and increase the lifespan of the system.

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