Image Credit: E&LP, 2020
Photograph Image Credit: E&LP, 2020

Brownfield Areas

Brownfield areas are similar to urban redevelopment areas except the design intent is to keep stormwater separate from impacted areas and create compact BMPs to filter and slowly release stormwater via evapotranspiration, beneficial reuse, and/or to a receiving storm sewer over time. The following approaches are examples of how to achieve this:

  • Lined and underdrained bioretention system
  • Structured bioretention MTD
  • Pervious pavement with underdrain and outlet structure if over impermeable cap
  • Sand filter with underdrain and liner
  • Cistern
  • Green roof
  • Blue roof (stand-alone or in combination with green roof)
  • Lined wet pond
  • Lined subsurface gravel wetland
  • For more information on brownfield areas, see the Brownfield and Contaiminated Site Remediation Act, N.J.S.A. 58:10B-1. Full reference information is available in the Resources List.
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