Image Credit: Contech Solutions, 2020
Photograph Image Credit: Contech Solutions, 2020

Manufactured Treatment Device

A manufactured treatment device (MTD) is a structural alternative to treating water quality on a site. This approach to treatment can be used when space is limited. MTDs are designed to remove chemical contaminants and sediment from runoff through filtration, vortex separation, and/or other technologies.

MTDs can replace traditional tree pits, optimizing the use of space on a site.
Image Credit: Contech Solutions, 2020


  • MTDs are most effective for small drainage areas.
  • Separation from groundwater must be assessed. Different BMPs require varying distances to the seasonal high water table.
  • The NJDEP requires developers to select from a list of certified MTDs listed on their website.

Cost: Manufactured treatment devices are typically more expensive to install and maintain than other BMPs that treat water quality. Capital costs vary based upon manufacturer, size of treatment area, and other design considerations. Cartridge replacement for MTDs is required regularly for the entire lifespan of the device.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance activities include inspection of structural components, removal of sediment and debris, and cartridge replacement. See manufacturer guidelines for specific procedures.

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