Measuring Benefits: Decision Making Tools

There are a number of different tools available to support decision making for cities, developers, and property owners that want to evaluate costs and benefits of different green infrastructure practices. Most exist in the form of proprietary models, free online calculators, or simple calculation methodologies. For the purposes of this Guide, two tools have been identified that help to simplify evaluation of green infrastructure benefits at the site scale. These tools use site-specific conditions as input within proven analytic frameworks to estimate green infrastructure costs and benefits that accrue to the property owner, manager, or developer.

  1. Green Infrastructure Co-Benefits Calculator: The Green Infrastructure Co-Benefits Calculator was designed to estimate costs and benefits using user-input project details. This calculator uses some of the newest research findings available to date on green infrastructure costs and benefits, and although geared to some extent toward the New York City region it is generally applicable to medium and high density developments in New Jersey. Click here to learn more.
  2. National Green Values CalculatorThe National Green Values Calculator is a stormwater management calculator developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology as a tool for quickly comparing the performance, costs, and benefits of green infrastructure or low impact development to conventional green infrastructure practices. The tool is intended for a non technical audience to evaluate the environmental improvement that can be achieved with green infrastructure. Click here to learn more.

“If it makes my project achieve higher rents and renewal rates, and happier residents, that’s what makes the numbers work, and I’m all for it.”
George Vallone, President, Hoboken Brownstone Company, and Chairman, Board of Directors of the New Jersey Builders Association

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