Regulatory Benefits

Table 1: Matrix of Structural Stormwater Strategies that Help Satisfy NJ DEP Nonstructural Stormwater Management Requirements. Click to view larger.

Incorporating green infrastructure as an integral part of the landscape can help developers to meet permit requirements, as noted earlier, which may reduce the overall time spent on permitting and plan revisions. But, not all green infrastructure is created equal in terms of permitting benefits.

The types of green infrastructure systems listed in the Overview of Green Infrastructure section are defined by the New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual (NJ BMP Manual) as structural stormwater management measures. The NJ DEP requires that nonstructural stormwater management strategies be used “to the maximum extent practicable” to meet stormwater management requirements. However, as specified in the NJ BMP Manual, certain structural measures can be used to satisfy non-structural strategies. Table 1 outlines ways that structural green infrastructure can be used to satisfy non-structural strategies.

Using green infrastructure to satisfy permitting standards while also providing key value-added benefits allows developers to leverage intersecting regulatory, financial, and outreach benefits to save money and improve the quality of the development.


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