Problem: Erosion is always a concern when it comes to stormwater management. Intense rainfalls can damage stormwater infrastructure. With green infrastructure, erosion can be especially harmful to vegetative components. When erosion leads to plant loss, the system can fail to function as designed and become an eyesore. Sand infiltration layers and bioretention soil media may also become clogged as eroded sediment accumulates in these systems.

Solution: Erosive damage originates from high-velocity runoff. In order to mitigate these speeds, the system should incorporate soil erosion and sediment control devices, as specified in the New Jersey Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control. Riprap aprons, consisting of larger stones, are designed to dissipate speeds at the inlets and outlets of pipes and outlet controls. Appropriate planting soil depths should also be maintained in order to ensure that plants will continue to thrive when erosion strips topsoil. Erosion control matting used in areas of steep slopes and swales will protect against these issues.

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