Message From Developers’ Green Infrastructure Task Force Co-Chairs

When our two organizations formed a partnership called the Developers Green Infrastructure Task Force, the need for information tailored to developers quickly became clear.  Like all good business people, developers need to understand the impact of decisions on the bottom line.  Innovation is great; it drives progress. But it also has to benefit the bottom line.

This Guide addresses basic questions about green stormwater infrastructure: what it is, how it works, what are its costs and benefits, and why it makes good business sense.  Green infrastructure has its limits. It is not the perfect solution for every setting or every project, but it is versatile, powerful and the future of stormwater management.

Our aim is to help you answer the questions, “Why should I do this?” and “Where and how will it be most beneficial?” We hope you find this Guide – with basic information, case studies, side-by-side site plan comparisons and interactive decision-making tools – to be helpful in doing just that.

This is a dynamic and evolving field and we want your feedback.  Tell us what you like about the guide and what questions you still need answered.  As you begin using green stormwater infrastructure, share your experiences with us.  We’d love to learn from your trials and highlight your successes.

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